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CrossFit Rudis


 Welcome to the home of the only CrossFit affiliated gym in Sandwell. When asked what is the best way to sum up the experience you will find at CrossFit Rudis we can simplify to just three words Professional, Passion and Community. 


PROFESSIONAL - With over 6 years experience of coaching on a one to one level up to 20 people plus classes and with a multitude of skills gained from involvement of some community ran events for Sandwell and within the CrossFit community you can rest assured that you are in the very best hands for your fitness goals.

PASSION - To use at CFR CrossFit is more than a profit seeking organisation unlike many gyms out their. We pride ourselves on being in this for our members and not just to meet our own ends and the membership fees keep the lights on and get use shiny new kit from time to time.

COMMUNITY - One of the pillars of any traditional CrossFit box is its members and ensuring the hour you spend with us is the best hour of your day. The result speak for their selves and we can confidently say our community is thriving and our members really do make us. Come along, get involved and make a heap of new friends who will make sure you never miss too many workouts.


“The greatest pleasure you'll ever have is doing what others tell you you couldn't ”

— Walter Bagehot